How to prepare blue crabs

by: Jürgen Oeder
I have been asked several times how to prepare - and eat - blue crabs. Well, nothing easier than that. The crabs are boiled in a pot of boiling water and so killed in seconds. Don't forget to keep the...

Fun with light tackle

by: Jürgen Oeder
Always only large bluefin tuna, that can also become boring. Before Alcudia, Mallorca at the end of May and beginning of June big Albacore were there and brought the anglers variety in light equipment. Colin and John did not only...

Crêpes with salmon seafood salad

by: Jürgen Oeder
Irresistible and awarded our maximum "Love Handle" rating: "Crêpes Marinero". It is a perfect composition of Philadelphia with smoked salmon and king prawns. It tasted so good during our visit in October. Robert had to try his hand at it. Here...