Albacore Tatar

created on: 04.02.2021 | by: Jürgen Oeder | Category(s): Recipes

White tuna (albacore) can be taken from the Mediterranean. Captain Vince Riera based in Mallorca prepared one that I had caught as albacore tartar. It tastes delicious. Here is his recipe:

Cut about 500 g of filet into small chunks. Dice a spring onion and about 2.5 cm of ginger into small pieces. Mix equal quantities of olive oil and soy sauce, add the fish, a heaped teaspoonful of sesame seeds, about 10 drops of tabasco and some black pepper. Then mix it all together – Vince says that, if necessary, add a little more oil, pepper and tabasco and gradually increase the quantities until seasoned to your taste…