Slow pitch jigging

by: Kopp
The biggest difference between the jiggnig techniques is, that slow pitch jigging is a lot less physical than normal speed jigging! The movement of the rod is a lot less, and it uses the elasticity of the rod to impale...

Replacement Spool system

by: Kopp
A revolution, that`s how the “Nature Boys”, based in Japan call their replacement spool system for Spinning reels. Well known for decades by the flyfishermen, this system will be new for jig-, popper- and stickbait angler. Instead of travelling and...

New: Halco Roosta Popper 160

by: Kopp
The face of new Halco “Roosta Popper 160” is designed to produce maximum noise and splash out of a medium sized popper. The Australian company says that Roosta Popper’s distinctive shape give a long and extremely noisy bubble trail streams...