AppliFish: marine knowledge at the touch of a button

created on: 13.03.2013 | by: Kopp | Category(s): News, Umwelt

Aquatic-related information available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. (FAO) – You want to know more about the fish you are eating or going to buy? Is it maybe an endangered species? AppliFish will tell you. This free mobile application developed by the fisheries and biodiversity knowledge platform i-Marine makes aquatic-related information available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. While human consumption of fish products has doubled in the last half century, policies for sustainable use of aquatic ecosystems must address the challenges facing global fish stocks. Some 30 percent of the world's marine fish stocks assessed in 2009 were overexploited, according to FAO's State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2012. “With AppliFish, consumers can choose fish that's not endangered, helping ensure that there will be enough for future generations,” says FAO's Marc Taconet, Senior Fishery Information Officer and chair of the iMarine board. “Consumers can also use the application to learn more about species, capture levels and habitats, as well as the level of threats faced by these species.” AppliFish is available both for Android (AppliFish has been developed to run on all the versions of the processors from ARM7 and upgrades. ARM6 processor is not supported) and iOS This mobile application is designed as a pocket book of marine knowledge at the touch of a button. It has complete fact sheets of over 550 marine species. All you need to do is digit the name of a marine species or select one from the main menu.