Ultimate Bluewater Game Fishing

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The book explains the what, how, where and when. The first third of the book deals with the biology, occurrence, migration routes and identification of the most important fish species. In the chapter on tackle and techniques detailing equipment and bait presentation the focus is also on imparting ways of making contests with big fish less tiring for the angler, be it from a fighting chair, in stand-up mode or when fishing with jigs or poppers. The final chapter is intended to prevent disappointment and unnecessary expenditure: It highlights some sixty of the best destinations worldwide and their prime fishing seasons. 464 pages, more than 400 photos, charts, maps and tables.

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6 Bewertungen für Ultimate Bluewater Game Fishing

  1. Pete Darnborough

    Having had the pleasure of spending some days fishing with Jurgen and seen his dedication to detail on all aspects related to a successful Big Game fishing trip I would have expected no less from him in his new book. A great read, full of useful up to date information and superb photos from all over the world. – A must have for any Big game fisherman!
    Capt Pete Darnborough, Alleycat. Watamu Kenya

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  2. Vince Riera

    If you’re looking for the big game fishing bible, then look no further! This book is fantastic. It holds information on every big game species from around the world, the best charter captains and it’s full of rigging techniques. What makes this book so special is that Juergen Oeder hasn’t just taken information from books and online and written a book, he has been to these places, he has fished with the captains and he has caught these fish. This book is basically Juergen’s brain written down, every fishing secret that he knows is in this book, I would 100% recommend buying it!
    Capt. Vince Riera, Alcudia, http://www.fishing-mallorca.net

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  3. Ricky Cooper

    And what a big, beautiful book it is! This is really a great book and full of so much information! I am surprised that there is so much science and biology in it and it is SO interesting to learn the science—about swimming, migration, what colors they see, gender—-and how you make a plea for catch and release. But you forgot to sign it!!!!!!!!
    Ricky Cooper, M.D., Professor Emeritus, Loyola Medical School Chicago, Illinois

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  4. Steve Murphy

    All of the sections are full of superb quality photographs as well as numerous high quality illustrations of identifying characteristics, distribution and migration patterns, and lots of ‘sciency stuff’ about vertical water movements, gill performance rates and a host of other topics.

    The Tackle and technique section is an absolute mine of quality information. Insights into gear, rods, reels, leaders, hooks, followed by details on multiple techniques, trolling, (lure selection, patterns and rigging), jigging, popping, livebaiting etc etc. To top that off, there are sections on fighting technique, (chair, stand-up), use of harnesses and that favourite debating point of anglers, knots….

    This is a book that you will be dipping into for years to come, both for sheer entertainment, as well as specialist knowledge as you plan trips or prepare your gear/strategy.
    Steve Murphy, Sport Fishing Club of the British Isles

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  5. Les Gallagher

    Hi Jurgen,
    I want to say thank you very much for sending your book. It’s magnificent. What is obvious is that your book will be inspiring anglers for generations to come. You have made a fantastic job of recordeding so many perspectives of fishing during a what may have been best periods of game fishing ever (a period when new areas with robust stocks were still being discovered before being were impacted by over fishing). For me your book is a landmark publication. It’s very well presented and I am proud to have been able to provide images and illustrations – very well done!

    I have always cherished the thoughts and conversations we shared during our numerous adventures, your book insights me to recall so much and remembering all the great adventures provides a feeling of both privaledge and completeness – thank you, so much.
    Capt. Les Gallagher, Azores, http://www.oceanic-centre.com

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  6. Andrew Wright

    This enormous and brilliant book has breadth and density that covers everything on big game fishing.
    Superbly illustrated and written. Probably the greatest big game fishing book ever written.

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