Black Marlin satt vor Mosambik

erstellt am: 01.11.2017 | von: Jürgen Oeder | Kategorie(n): Mosambik, Reiseziele

Skipper Duarte Rato hat vor Mosambik einen unglaublichen Lauf. Bis Ende Oktober konnte er im Durchschnitt 1,1 Schwarze Marline pro Tag (!) fangen und auch einen Fisch mit etwa 1100 lb releasen. Hier sein Report: As expected, with the numerous small Black Marlin that where being raised in August while boats where fishing light tackle and perfect water conditions, the 2017 Bazaruto Archipelago Heavy Tackle Season in Mozambique as, so far, being nothing short of remarkable. 814 lb. Tailwrapped und gestorben One boat in particular has been having a spectacular season. The 31ft VAMIZI, with Captain Duarte Rato at the helm and deckhands Alex Zivane and Alberto Massane have been putting their clients on some good numbers and very good quality fish. By the end of October, the season is still only half way through but they have managed to average better than a fish a day for the month with a staggering number of big fish up to over a 1000 pounds. This last week alone (third week of October), VAMIZI was able to release 8 Marlin including two small fish, two mid rangers (340 and 400), and the release a 700, two 800, and an estimated 1100 pounds. Geschätzt 1100 lb, tag & release This fish was the first day of a charter with Carl Jankowitz who as previously weighted a 1107, a 1098 and released another three granders fishing aboard VAMIZI over the years. But this time it was his friend Andrew Carrick on the chair with his first ever Marlin. The fish took a Blue & White Island Express lure and the fight lasted 1h50 mins. Just two days later the group hooked another big fish on the same lure. This time Rian Chalmers was in the chair and his fish got tail wrapped and died. After a fight lasting almost 2 hours they had to boat the fish that weighted 814 lbs. The Bazaruto Heavy tackle season for Giant Black marlin runs all the way to December so still a lot of fish to be caught by the small fleet of boats. Kontakt: Duarte A. M. Rato Email:  dudas7mares@gmail.com Phone: 00 258 82 805 7160 00 258 84 639 0466 www.fishbazaruto.com