INTERPOL in action for the first time to detect illegal fishing

created on: 18.09.2013 | by: Kopp | Category(s): News, Umwelt

INTERPOL, the world’s largest international police organization has intervened to raise alert towards the fishing vessel SNAKE, believed to be engaged in illegal fishing activities. INTERPOL published a Purple Notice, which is a request for cooperation allowing police in member countries to share critical crime-related information. The SNAKE has changed flag at least eight times and its name at least twelve in the past ten years to hide its illegal activities. It is now suspected of carrying on its illegal fishing activities off the coast of Central and Southern Africa. The ship has been blacklisted since 2004. Therefore, it has been banned from having fishing permits and permission to enter ports. By determining the ship’s status and location, all 190 INTERPOL member countries will be able to investigate possible breaches of their fishing laws and take appropriate enforcement measures should the SNAKE attempt to operate illegally in their waters. Grete Faremo, Norway’s Minister of Justice and Public Security, remarked: “Fisheries crimes are often transnational, and increasingly we see that organized criminal networks are involved. There is a need to strengthen international cooperation to combat fisheries crime and Norway has given funds to support it.