Fun with light tackle

created on: 07.06.2019 | by: Jürgen Oeder | Category(s): Mallorca, Destinations, Recipes

Always only large bluefin tuna, that can also become boring. Before Alcudia, Mallorca at the end of May and beginning of June big Albacore were there and brought the anglers variety in light equipment. Colin and John did not only catch some of the tasty “Chicken of he Sea”.

They were also lucky enough to catch the first Mediterranean spearfish of the season on Capt. Vince Riera’s MAD MAX. The spearfish also taste very good. But Vince finds them too beautiful to kill.

The marine biologist Sven Hille then caught a big albacore, which Vince refined into sashimi and tuna tatar.

Here is his recipe with quantities to taste!

Cut about 500 gr filet into small cubes, also a spring onion (with green) and a piece of ginger about 2.5 cm finely chop. Mix olive oil and soy sauce 1: 1, a good teaspoon of sesame seeds, about 10 drops of Tabasco and black pepper. Then mix everything.

Vince says, of everything first a little and then increase until it tastes good. Conversely, it would be more difficult