Alcudia, Mallorca: Happy anglers

created on: 25.06.2019 | by: Jürgen Oeder | Category(s): Bluefin tuna, Mallorca, News

In the days around the full moon of June, almost all traditional tuna hotspots in the Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean are barren. No wonder: the fish then migrate in large schools around the Balearic Islands to spawn. Also the fishing grounds off Alcudia in the north of Mallorca were deserted for 2 weeks, almost empty. For Capt. Vince Riera this is not a problem. He fishes then for Albacore, trolling with smaller lures on light equipment. Fish up to 15 kg brought a lot of fun to the anglers in the past days.

On Tuesday (June 25th) Vince fished for bluefin again. His guest, Matt Blodgett, himself a skipper in Miami/USA, had a lot of fun with a 202 kg Bluefin (according to the table). The fight lasted 65 minutes. The tuna was tagged and released.